YG Entertainment to hold shareholder meeting today which will include a confidence vote to change the CEO in his position.

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YG Entertainment (YG) plans to hold a general meeting of shareholders at a meeting place in Seoul, Hwaseong-dong, on the morning of the 22nd.

The shareholders’ meeting will be about discussing the Burning Sun Gate and ‘Victory Shock’ Controversies.

Mainly, at this general shareholders’ meeting, it is assumed that the agenda related to the re-appointment of the CEO Yang Min-seok YG, who is the progeny brother of the representative producer of Yang Hyun-seok YG,

YG is not free from the public opinion regarding the Burning Sun Gate.
as well as the withdrawal of big bang, retirement from the entertainment industry, suspicion of sex services, arrest of prostitution, prostitution abroad, etc., and Burning Sun’s various allegations as well as Love Signals There is a bad atmosphere both inside and outside.

YG has not been able to avoid falling prices due to the impact of ‘Burning Sun Gate’, and the suspicions of Yang Hyun-seok and the victory tax evasion have been raised more than suspicions surrounding Burning Sun Gate.

It seems that it is not easy to gain trust from shareholders because he is on losing flow. He is literally lying on the slope.


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