Yang Min Suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO will participate on the investigation on the allegations of prostitution, drug abuse and tax evasion.

Image Source: tenasia.hankyung
Image Source: tenasia.hankyung

Yang Min-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment, said, “I will do my best to value the interest of the shareholders,” ahead of the 21st general meeting of shareholders held at the Auditorium of Holt Children’s Clothing Hall in Seoul, Korea.

Yang Min-suk, was investigated on suspicion of prostitution and drug abuse, and YG’s special tax investigation by the National Tax Service.

I will be faithful to the investigation conducted by the relevant organizations. 

– Yang Min Suk

“I hope that this investigation will reveal a clear factual relationship. I will reveal additional positions and future plans when comprehensive results are obtained. ”

– Yang Min Suk

The re-election of Mr. Yang Min-seok will be decided at the shareholders’ meeting on the same day.


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