Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae talks about issues regarding Seungri’s said, he needs to have self-control and awareness to temptations.

On March 21, the 84 years old veteran actor Lee Soon Jae, who has been in the entertainment industry for many decades, talked about the issues surrounding Seungri while in an interview about his new film ‘Romance.’

Lee Soon Jae first said, “Celebrity is considered a public figure. Their actions can be influential… You can’t just live freely with the title of an artist. You have to be cautious at all times and need self-control.” 

He continued, “Entitlement depends on your attitude. It becomes an (unjust) entitlement when you carry on something in a personal way when it shouldn’t be carried on personally.”

Lee Soon Jae added, “I believe Seungri is about 30 years old this year. There are many tempters who try to do business by sticking to a celebrity. I believe Seungri’s case is an example of this… This Seungri case showed that celebrities need to be aware of temptations and need of self-control

Lastly, Lee Soon Jae said, “Something that shouldn’t happen has happened. I don’t understand why he acted that way.”

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