K-media said BTS RM showed Impressive Rapping, Gestures and Unrivaled Charisma. With the theme of ‘Who am I?’ on comeback trailer ‘Persona’.

Image Source: Naver
Image Source: Naver

The group BTS released a new comeback trailer of the new album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA on their official YouTube channel on March 28th. 

In the video, the leader RM appears as the main character in the backdrop of the soundtrack of the intro song ‘Persona’ of the new album.

RM showed impressive rapping, gestures, and charisma with the theme of ‘Who am I?’.

The animated 2D that adds to the gesture of the RM, as well as the moving camera angles convey a sensuous yet intense atmosphere. 

Particularly, robots appearing in video represent RM personas by digital humanoid production through 3D scanning. In addition, a huge persona that moves using motion capture method and CG technique has been completed. 

Persona is a Hiphop genre based rhythmical and rocking guitar sound and Trap hip hop rhythm. Also it was sampling the intro of Skool Luv Affair 2014.

Meanwhile, BTS will be releasing the MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA album on April 12 at the same time will have their first comeback on NBC’s ‘SNL’ on November 13.

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