Jung Joon Young Arrested for filming and distributing sex tapes without consent

Image Source: Youtube
Image Source: Youtube

He is now the first celebrity to be arrested since the beginning of “Burning Sun Gate Case.”

On March 21, Jung Joon Young underwent interrogation at the Seoul Central District Court to determine the validity of an arrest warrant that was requested by the police on March 18.

The arrest warrant has now been issued, following about two hours of interrogation.

The arrest warrant is for the filming and sharing of hidden camera videos.

Previously, it was reported that Jung Joon Young had filmed and shared hidden camera footage and photos of sexual acts in chatrooms, with other participants including male celebrities (including Seungri and Choi Jong Hoon) and non-celebrity friends. 

In a letter of apology, Jung Joon Young admitted to filming women without their consent and sharing the videos.

In the chatrooms (which date back to late 2015), the participants allegedly also solicited prostitution, discussed bribing police officers to cover up crimes, and more. 

In addition, Jung Joon Young has also been reported to have received prostitution services as a gift from former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk and used his ties to the police to get rid of key evidence related to his 2016 case against his ex-girlfriend. 

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