“Informant” claims Seungri took cocaine and had sex escorts at his birthday party in Palawan, Philippines.

Image Source: Dispatch
Image Source: Dispatch

According to police on March 20, an unnamed informant said Seungri took cocaine overseas and provided sex escorts at his birthday party in the Philippines.

The former Big Bang member was reportedly questioned by police on the 18th when he was asked about taking cocaine overseas.

Seungri’s reps denied the allegations stating.

“We’d like to receive a face-to-face questioning session with the informant.”

– Seungri Reps

Seungri is also being accused of providing sexual entertainment and escort services at a birthday party he held for himself in Palawan, a province of the Philippines, in December of 2017.

It’s said his lavish birthday party was filled with women alleged to be sex workers, some of who are reportedly undergoing an investigation by the police. 


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Seungri’s lawyer denied on reports of Seungri cocaine use overseas.