CJ E&M said, planning to debut the second “BTS” + Big 4.

Image Source: Jun Sato/WireImage
Image Source: Jun Sato/WireImage

The joint venture between CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment has become a hot topic in the entertainment industry as well as in the financial sector.

CJ E&M, who has recently expanded its influence in the entertainment industry and broadcasting company, is expecting that second BTS will come out as he ties up with the number one Boy Group’s (BTS) Company Big Hit Entertainment.

TheBell looked into the background to see how the two enter industry dinosaurs were planning a co-founding of the agency.

The news that CJ E&M has established a new entertainment company in cooperation with Big Hit Entertainment is waving the Korean entertainment industry recently.

The fact that CJ E&M, an influential broadcasting company in the broadcasting industry in 2010, and the company that raised the number one Boy Group Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) are joining forces, is itself a big issue in the industry.

In particular, CJ E&M is estimated to have laid the foundation for restructuring the existing three-player entertainment company such as SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment with the establishment of this company.

After establishing CJ E&M in 2011, CJ Group will completely change its business direction. It is not the direct management of the entertainer but the establishment of the agency. CJ has turned to the form of reinforcing rear support.

Having co-founded Bileft Lab, a new agency, with Big Hit Entertainment, is based on this experience. CJ E&M decided to give full authority to Big Hit Entertainment, who was proved in the BTS as the ability to plan the group of artists, to entrust the whole of the artist upbringing. 

The company Belift Lab named from Big Hit Entertainment B first and CJ E&M’ s E and Lift English word Lift. Big Hit Ent and CJ E&M mean that they will bring up KPOP gemstones together.

Instead, CJ E&M plans to strengthen support for artists by producing audition programs such as Producer 101 and Superstar K. 

A CJ E&M official said, “We are planning to conduct an audition qualifier from Seoul at the end of this month with the goal of debuting the 2nd Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS).” After the global preliminaries, such as the US and Japan.

It is a common view among the enterprising industry that it is hard to find a place that has been expanding its influence with as many subsidiaries as CJ E&M in Korea recently.

Therefore, it is estimated that it should be reorganized into a four-level structure including CJ E&M in the existing three such as SM, YG, and JYP.

@source: (TheBell)

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